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Author Topic: KAWASAKI VERSYS  (Read 4194 times)

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« Reply #8 on: 17:36 - 4 October, 2008 »
Does it have expensive tyres on it?
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« Reply #7 on: 16:26 - 4 October, 2008 »
I see the Versys came out best in this week's premium middleweight test in MCN
Beat the 650(800) BMW & the smaller Vararadararo by a little bit - mainly on cost & looks

That BM came out bloody well on comfort, handling & fuel economy though  8)


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« Reply #6 on: 06:39 - 23 September, 2008 »
possibly but the fuel economy is not so good  :eatpie

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« Reply #5 on: 19:57 - 22 September, 2008 »
I think a Mk I or MkII TDM 850 would have suited you better J
5 speed gearbox, with first gear much lower than a 900  ;)


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« Reply #4 on: 12:46 - 22 September, 2008 »
believe me, the jerks are nothing compared to what I experienced with the TDM, which is why I sold it,
jerks can give you a laugh or pleasure or frustration, depending on your point of view  :grin

Offline andyj

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« Reply #3 on: 10:49 - 22 September, 2008 »
I prefer the high-speed ones myself. Especially if it's not me....

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« Reply #2 on: 10:31 - 22 September, 2008 »
£5,395 with ABS too... Hmmmmm... Would make a good commuter I reckon (apart fromt he low speed jerks).

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« Reply #1 on: 08:20 - 22 September, 2008 »

the KAWASAKI VERSYS is a very tall bike of 650cc, it is relatively light but this may be offset for some by its height, it has a free revving twin cylinder engine with a red line at 10,500rpm, it has 'pull' all the way through from tick over to the redline although it does have a dip at the midrange as most bikes do, this is probably to do with the manufacturers leaning them off fuel wise to meet emission requirements, the bike can be used to overtake other traffic at all revs without the need to downshift, although you will get by a lot quicker when in the higher rev range,
the engine produces a claimed 64hp which doesn't seem much but the bike uses it well as long as you don't go too far over legal limits, yesterday I was riding my VERSYS with my wife on the pillion seat and we were following a friend on his GSXR750 around some very entertaining roads, some of which had us momentarily airborne ooooooh what a russsshhhhhhhhh  :grin, he never left us behind but did open small gaps on straighter roads which were closed up on bends, this is mainly due to the more forgiving suspension on the VERSYS than the more for smooth track use of the GSXR750, but considering the GSXR750 was being ridden solo and with twice the horse power and the VERSYS was two up, it shows that horse power isn't everything, also after 60 plus miles of these fun roads he was tired and I wasn't which goes to show the upright seating position is far more relaxing on the road,
the suspension is very good under the above conditions but slower riding shows the front forks to be a bit harsh with small bumps transfered to the riders hands, the rear is fine,
there are areas in the rev range that give vibrations through the handle bars but nothing that causes any discomfort,
performance wise it will accelerate very close to if not as fast as the TDM900 when you really work it, although it will run out of steam at around 110mph with a claimed real world top speed of about 115mph,
the bike can be ridden at walking pace without the need for clutch use but hitting bumps will slightly alter your throttle position resulting in a jumpy ride, this is due the stiff forks and in these circumstances the clutch is needed, a sort out of the forks should make it a much nicer ride, not that it's bad as standard though,
when ridden normally or sedately you will see in the region of 210 miles before the fuel warning light starts to flash, there is aproximately 40 miles left at this point,
gentle cruising will see over 230 miles untill the warning light flashes,
hard riding will have the warning light flashing at around 192 miles,
it is a 19 litre fuel tank and with the above mileage available, the bike proves to be quite economical,
some people say that a 650 is not a big enough capacity to do long motorway miles on, but miles are the same length whatever road they're on, I can quite happily sit at 90mph two up on motorways and dual carriageways in comfort and with out feeling 'lost', the bike will maintain its speed without the need to downshift if you start to go uphill, how much more do you need as opposed to really want ?,
the brakes are good but the rear is not overly impressive due to the bikes short wheel base and tall stance, meaning there is a lot of 'to the front' weight transfer, the fronts do an excellent job of pulling the bike to a stop, but they are a little 'grabby' at low speed,
the bike rides ok two up but again due to its physical dimensions it means a lot of weight is over the rear wheel, leaving the front wheel 'light' when in town traffic, this can cause a slight weave but as you get used to it, it goes away,
the standard fairing screen does a good job of clearing rain from your visor without causing huge amounts of buffeting, I have altered the angle of mine just to keep it out of my main view as I hate fairings anyway and one day the whole lot will be bannished from riding on my bike again, it will be placed in my special parts bin that I name 'yuk'  :grin
the only real 'downer' for me about this bike is the seat, it isn't uncomfortable but its design seems to be set to suit a bike with much lower set handlebars, it slopes forward and you start to notice this after 10 miles or so as you slide forward inside your clothing, as the seat is grippy and your trousers don't slide with you, it starts feeling like you are being given a 'wedgie', you may or may not like this  :hand, anyway I have altered the foam in my seat but to get it right meant I had to remove and refit the seat cover five times, I can now sit on it while riding for several hours without any complaint, the standard seat may not feel like this to everyone, it depends on your sensitivity and your weight, size and shape,
ironically I will have to either change my seat back to standard, buy a replacement one or find someone else with a VERSYS who wants to swap seats, as when I do the modifications planned, it will have much lower bars fitted so the standard seat will be perfect,
high and low versions of the seat are available from KAWASAKI but they are expensive,
there is enough space under the seat in the storage area for a glove, two if you really squash them, or eleven salt and vinegar crisps.
all in all this bike will do all you need of it while giving you a great big grin and without intimidating you on the way, you can use all it's got without having the feeling of frustration that some bikes can give.

I love this bike  :thumb
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