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Blog it! / Re: Commuting - A blow by blow account
« Last Post by ChrisG on Today at 15:37 »
I'm back to this commute again

On the downside though, the only time the bike's been out of the garage in about the last 6 months was to get an MoT
Blog it! / Re: Commuting - A blow by blow account
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 09:43 »
Not written to here for ages but it's because the commute in is particularly boring with just terrible driving. I keep threatening to get the video going but can't agree with myself where to stick it.

Tomorrow I go to South Molton in Devon to d o a bit of family history stuff so I have all day to get there are I'll be taking the opportunity to do just that by putting about 350 miles on the Faz, one day there to find out what I can then a day ride back, this time about 400 miles as I have to drop in and see some rellies on the way home.

Looking forward to three days of me time :)
Blog it! / Re: Nogs Blog
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 09:37 »
You're a chemist you must be able to work out what it is? My test is the taste test, bitter=clutch/brake fluid, neutral acidity slightly bitter =Oil, salty=... Oh sorry wrong forum.
Political Comment / Re: News of the Word
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 09:31 »
If you think you'll get any sense form me after a few pints you're sadly mistaken... Or before. I think both sides should ignore sovereignty, it's red Herring.

There's not many positives because they don't exist yet, anything anyone says to promote a future state is shot down because it's an unknown and therefore has no basis in reality.

As an example, I was discussing on the tweets about food, apparently what's going to happen is we'll have no food on the shelves because JIT delivery will be affected meaning we'll have to store food in the UK so prices will go up and we'll have no food anyway because of delays in supply lines.

I've been polite on Twitter, but that's plainly bo :censored locks because for an example my banana's don't come from Greece and if they have to sit in Nitrogen for a bit longer so what? I love Serrano Ham as much as the next meat eater but it's dried, my Italian olive oil comes in cans...

The other argument is the EU brought us our employee protections, yes it has brought some but the far greater number was brought by unions, join a union if you want protection, it's been far more protective.

It's only recently that the UK has fallen out of step with EU, before that the UK agreed with EU policy up to about 90% of the time, this started to change around 2005, so we have fallen out with EU policy to agreeing with around only 75-80% of policy. Typical Brit response, happy to go along with it while we agree mostly, have to do something when we can't influence the outcome in our favour. So now they want to take their ball home with them, but to be fair the EU didn't want to listen and still doesn't. Between a rock and a hard place.
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads MT-RX
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 09:04 »
Trying not to think of poo...

I was thinking of telelever Coxy that's what made me confused me, but I watched a vid on youtube and it makes sense now (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0bAVTiFyy4) as he goes through it on an MTB.

So like the MTB the AS is really a geometric limitation, it's not produced by forces on the shock absorber or tweaks in counter forces, I think that's where I was going wrong. And the telelever on the front just confused me more.

Political Comment / Re: News of the Word
« Last Post by AlunL on Today at 08:52 »
I’d still vote to remain.

Agree that there are many issues around the EU. Taking back control/sovereignty clearly isn’t one of them as whenever this is exorcised by the upper chamber, the Mail, Express et-al throw a huge hissyfit.

The immigrants to the UK are mostly from outside the EU, so that won’t change.
Trade within the EU has made all of us richer and with a better quality of life.

Trump and his puppet master Poot’n wanted us to leave and a less powerful and intelligent EU suits their future business plans.
Same with Jacob Puss-Flap. He’s set to become even richer.

As for the inclusion of smaller poorer countries, Romania pays in far less than us, but also has less influence.

Fishing is a funny one, it’s a tiny amount of our GDP and yet people get all annoyed about it. We should have had representation in the fisheries dept with Chief Brexiteer Hypocritical Bastard being on the committee, but he failed to turn up to 90% of the meetings. Possibly to ensure that we didn’t get a good deal, but we can’t be sure of his motives.

Now, if we agree a trade deal, we’ll have many of the current rules to navigate and many of the costs, but will no longer have a say.

We’ve been promised that employment laws won’t get worse after leaving; but we were also told about £35m a week would go to the NHS. So I believe that employment rights will be demonised post B day.

It’s not an ideal situation, but if we remain at least we can have our say on shaping a future EU.

Can’t remember what the other negative points were... still looking for the positive...

Oh and John, you asked when did we vote for this?
We didn’t.
Nor did we vote for a parliament, an Police force, bank holidays, an England football team etc. That’s not relevant. It’s what we have now and how we get the best out of it.

There’s loads more to say, but I’m keeping that for SJ after a few pints with my Brexiteer chums. [emoji106]
Political Comment / Re: He's coming...
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 08:34 »
American Nukes = Good Nukes
Everyone else Nukes = Bad Nukes
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads MT-RX
« Last Post by AlunL on Today at 08:31 »
I feel a poo coming on...

Hope you haven’t got anti-squat; it’ll be messy otherwise.
Political Comment / Re: He's coming...
« Last Post by AlunL on Today at 08:29 »
America will become great when Poot’n tells them to.

He’ll fall in love with King Dong ill and they’ll skip off into the nuclear sunset together, never to be seen again...
Blog it! / Re: David_H & Life behind bars.
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on Today at 08:28 »
yeah, its only costing mot and insurance.
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