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That's says more like it  ;D
Blog it! / Re: Nogs Blog
« Last Post by Rob the Nog on Today at 09:35 »
We've all seen stock pegs, but thought I might as well document it - before I put them on thought I may as well give them a polish up while off the bike.  The picture doesn't do it justice but I think they look quite good.

So just to comapre, here's the Harris ones on - you can see the footpeg is up and behind the bottom mounting bolt, whereas the stock on is below and forward of it.  The stock are probably 2" lower and 1" forward.  Feel much more comfortable so I'm happy with them.

I may actually flog the Harris ones.  I can't see myself putting them back on to be honest once I'm used to the stock ones and not really sure it's worth keeping them as "spares".
Wondering if I could get around £150'ish for them which would pay for the stock items and some.  Sound a reasonable price?
Choking the chicken vs hand shandy
Polished inlet tracts v's waxing?
And variable inlet tract lengths?
Air filters lets do air filters
Blog it! / Re: Nogs Blog
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 16:42 »
I suspect these days that many modern bikes - since the early 90's run shit on pod filters. I suspect it's because manufacturers have been investing in noise/emissions and improving induction (fuel consumption remains an average of 42mpg for all bikes from 2017 back to 1977). I reckon that junking the airbox has more of on impact because back in the day carbs/valve size/induction route, etc, etc were so variable that set up was easier to vary.
Blog it! / Re: Nogs Blog
« Last Post by Rob the Nog on Yesterday at 16:02 »
Cheers, yeah sound like a plan.

I do notice a whiff of petrol when sitting around near the carbs (changing footpegs for instance) so I'm still thinking the float valves are leaking so will probably replace all the o-rings for the float valves while I've got them off the bike and check the rest.

I did read that with pod filters and aftermarket can the ZRX basically runs like a pile of poo without adjusting the jetting, so I'm sure the last guy did it, just got to see if they did it properly.
Blog it! / Re: Nogs Blog
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 12:15 »
My Strumpet doesn't run smooth (it's lumpy) at low revs. It has no airbox and has had aftermarket needles/tubes fitted by me to match what was on their when I got it - Dynojet. The careful factory balance has been removed. Getting the pilot circuit as good as it is (smooth and useable for me but not perfect) took several days of work. FWIW I would check if you have an aftermarket needle/jet kit as you mention (install one to suit model if not) and then replace all carb seals (assuming a previous owner hasn't) and then balance the set up to get a solid base setting. Then do your AFR testing and adjust the pilot circuit (I'm assuming a screw only) as the needle/jet supplier will give you those settings. For surety get it onto a dyno when you're happy to double check what it's doing.
Political Comment / Re: He's coming...
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 10:37 »
A thought I had when I first saw the son of Satan....

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