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Topic Summary

Posted by: Readmarx
« on: Yesterday at 20:31 »

Innocent as Trump paedo c :censored t with diplomatic immunity - the Special Relationship might swap Paedo Prince Andrew for killer Sacoolas...
Posted by: AlunL
« on: Yesterday at 09:55 »

Dirty scrounging paedo c :censored t.
Posted by: Readmarx
« on: 23:21 - 15 November, 2019 »

Prince Andrew Jimmy-Saville-Jonathan-King-Gary-Glitter-Joseph-Fritzl-Fred-and-Rosemary-West Saxe Coburg Gotha AKA Randy Andy Windsor of Legoland is once again pleading his innocence in public... In 2009 he was a public friend of convicted peodophile Epstein. In 2012 he was a public friend of paedophile Epstein after prison. Andrew was a guest at Epstein's Paedo parties and Epstein's peado plane journeys. Andrew was at Epstein's Paedo apartment in New York and friendly with Paedo procurement manageress Maxwell.  Andrew says the photo of him hugging a child at a Paedo party is not his hand.. it's a photoshopped hand. Nothing to see here so move along. But if the revolution is even hinted at your royal cuntedness as many pieces of you are going to be carved from your self as you royally deserve as you are innocent until you are as guilty as your trail of filth decrees. c :censored t
Posted by: E.T.
« on: 22:53 - 7 November, 2019 »

Posted by: Readmarx
« on: 21:59 - 7 November, 2019 »

Put the RH member for the 18th century into an inner city housing estate at 2am to enunciate his common sense unto those in need - I doubt he’d deliver much more than a few witty Latin verse before his body is rightfully launched from a concrete balcony. Terrible shame it would be. Terrible. And such a tragedy. Etc
Posted by: Rob the Nog
« on: 07:36 - 7 November, 2019 »

“But he is – ‘ow you English say – the end of the bell.”

Posted by: BashplateAlAssad
« on: 12:01 - 6 November, 2019 »

Not only Mogg but a whole host of his mates came out to back him up, still today on LBC (Liars Bastards and C*nts) giving his opinion beans by spinning it to say that if you were in a building and it was on fire would you leave?

Of course we all would, but this line ignores many factors, not least the one Mick picks out above which is absolutely key but not only that, one that saw the building go from a small fire to a raging inferno engulfing multiple faces in under an hour so before containment broke down (in well under 30 minutes) then 'stay put' would have been a good call. After that 30 minutes or so stay put was not, *but* with only one staircase for rescue and escape, and full of smoke and heat as Mick says, the situation was untenable and they were literally just firefighting.

There's a reason the report is done this way around.
Posted by: Rob the Nog
« on: 11:04 - 6 November, 2019 »

Absolute f :censored wit  & showing himself up for the complete wa :censored ker that he is

Yep, basically trying to say it was their own fault, when in actual fact I'm pretty sure most peoples instincts would be to get the hell out of there, but you hope the firefighters know what they're talking about and would follow their advice to stay put.

To these guys us plebs are simply minions to pay into the system and anyone on benefits are worthless as they take from the system. 
Posted by: Sidestand
« on: 09:33 - 6 November, 2019 »

Absolute f :censored wit  & showing himself up for the complete wa :censored ker that he is
Especially as he said it only a couple of days after that article by a firefighter that actually attended Grenfell explained the 'Defend in Place' strategy &what would have happened to anyone opening their front door to leg it- straight into 600-1000 degrees of heat & smoke !!
Posted by: AlunL
« on: 05:53 - 6 November, 2019 »

Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t have stayed put; nanny would have carried him out of Grenfell.
Posted by: Readmarx
« on: 23:21 - 5 November, 2019 »

Lanky languid front bench lay-about Jacob Piss Mogg has asked for millions to beat some sense into the puerile shitbag. Whilst on a radio show spreading his polite vitriol with some detestable presenter the posh c :censored t felt it necessary to call the dead and the poor stupid. After the show the yellow bellied MP released a “what I meant to say” statement which flatly contradicts the expensive education which helped give him the confidence to speak the shit inside of his head and also contradicts the precision of language the lying fuckstick said he would bring to the HoC (which he fell flat on his ridiculous face failing to achieve). Demonstrating the very worst depravity of character and hostile intent that the British “ruling class” has always possessed Jacob Piss Mogg believes that common sense was lacking in those for whom rules of construction, rescue and escape were supposed to be lifelines. Common sense has told millions of people that Mogg is against the people of Britain and for a very small few of his own. One dearly hopes he is not himself trapped in a lethal environment reliant upon only his weak and sick mind to guide him to safety. c :censored t
Posted by: Readmarx
« on: 22:35 - 17 October, 2019 »

Greedy little thief of fellow students ideas and shiny faced fuckstick of Facebook fame Mark Zuckerberg has made a speech containing an uninterrupted narrative of lies and doublethink that makes Trump’s Twitter feed look like the bible. Zuckerberg is so far up his own portal that he thinks people believe his global empire is a fluffy and lovely innocent internet fun space. It isn’t. Zuckerberg knows that people don’t think and don’t care. Zuckerberg has been preaching free speech whilst giving freedom to hate speech and good old Zuckers has been farming the users data to assist political campaigns to target simple minded folk to assist in them making (mis & dis) informed political decisions by targeting users with a news narrative and other Facebook shit to help sway elections “through the power of social media”. Users remain with Facebook because real life is just too hard (as every human & civil rights activist who’s imprisoned knows). So Mark Zuckerberg can take his freedom speech and go f  :censored ck himself before assisting in his next paid subversion of democratic freedoms
Posted by: BashplateAlAssad
« on: 10:24 - 27 September, 2019 »

Clever guy... Love his comedy.

Join the Tezbians Al, become one of us!
Posted by: AlunL
« on: 16:58 - 25 September, 2019 »

Love Tez Talks on R4. Will have to follow him on Twatter.