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Same place on my old XTZ

Good long stint in the shed and had everything disassembled and lubricated. Tomorrow it goes back together with rear brake to check next week
Probably a similar place then, guess it makes sense to tuck it away back there on half faired bikes. Think the Fazer does that too.
Makes sense, I can't think where the TDM one is now though, and totally stripped Kylie doing it's 'custom' job  :dontknow:

Did they hide it in the tail section or am I just going mad? The ZRX has it hidden in the tail side panels.
It’s just above the rear hugger on the 850
Can’t check my niner As it’s in a garage the other side of town

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The shock is back. Bed now (like Xmas eve). I’ll be up early and in the shed at the Suzuki. Lovely...
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads MT-RX
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:45 - 24 January, 2020 »
My phone seems to spell check and alter my grammar at will. Sometimes I wake up to find I’ve apparently written all sorts of things. Gaz reckons I’ve been posting unkind things about his Grindr profile but it’s not true. I am convinced by your Photoshop. It’s convinced me a full fairing would be too much. But a machine in the flesh and personal opinion are very different and subjective things. When I butchered my old Speed Triple to add the 888 Ducati tail I’d sat looking at it and it’s original bodywork and seats for months and looking online before seeing a French geezer who’d done it and did it well. Your advantage and disadvantage is that the MTRX is unique so there’s no rules or references
Blog it! / Re: The New Muscle Bike build off
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:34 - 24 January, 2020 »
Now I see the jig I think I can see how you bring all sections of the frame to meet at the threaded tubes/engine mounts. Have you worked out the pattern of the trellis sections?
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads Road Bike Thread thing split off blog topic thingy
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:21 - 24 January, 2020 »
I messed up my XT’s handling not by the 17” front but by raising the forks too much through the yokes in addition to the wheel. First ride out I nearly tank slapped myself into oncoming traffic. I dropped the forks and calm was restored.

Do you not use the TDM brakes because you carry higher corner speed like a Moto3 racer or do you ride at such a gentlemanly pace that you can just coast to a halt before alighting from the saddle without fuss and taking the hand of a frail old lady and gallantly helping her to cross the road?
Political Comment / Re: News of the Word
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:14 - 24 January, 2020 »
Silly Orla Guerin has made the fatal error of being a very good and brave and rigorous journalist but forgetting when to lie and tell untruths. Orla has managed to mention the Israeli regional superpower oppresses people in Palestine and has made it worse by doing it on Holocaust remembrance day. As everybody knows you can’t point to the murder, abuse of human rights and genocide of the indigenous population of Palestine by Israel because that would be anti-semitic. Because a murderer or a torturer isn’t either when they’re Jewish and are the Israeli state the murderer and the torturer is actually the victim of his own murdering and torturing and you are really all absolutely anti semitic if you dare think or say Israel, Mr Netanyahu and the IDF are anything but innocent of all of their bloodshed and murder and atrocities they are guilty of. Personally I feel the horror of human history on Holocaust Day. And when I think of Israel I think only of it’s leaders and state apparatus burning in hell
Blog it! / Re: The New Muscle Bike build off
« Last Post by celticbiker on 16:49 - 24 January, 2020 »

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Blog it! / Re: The New Muscle Bike build off
« Last Post by CoxyLaad on 12:52 - 24 January, 2020 »
And so it begins:

Altered the jig so I can lower the headstock by 30mm compared to the stock vfr position

Dressed the TRX headstock up and removed all the evidence of old pipework,  pushed the old bearings outer races out of it, welded plates across them, fired them in the lathe and drilled a hole dead center, then pressed them lightly back into the headstock, allowing it to locate tightly against the threaded bar.

Next step is to make the 6 engine mounts up, then the first pipes to be made are the lower main chassis rail and the drop out to the bottom front engine mount. with those in place the headstock shouldnt move anywhere.
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