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Essix innit... Should be safe.
Your Bike, Your Style / Re: Roll Call
« Last Post by E.T. on Yesterday at 22:58 »
Hi all,
I'm still lurking in the background, but now I no longer commute, don't own or ride a bike, do I really qualify to make any intelligent contribution to the forum.........   :dunno

The injuries to my ankles sustained when that careless fu  :censored ing bitch reversed into me over seven years ago finally persuaded me my biking days were over (every gear change was a painful experience), so reluctantly I sold my Suzuki Vstrom about 18 months ago. This decision was also reinforced by the nagging I was getting from SWMBO "you're too old to still ride a motorbike..." 
Is 75 too old to be a biker? Discuss

I am still interested in bikes; attend offroad trials and have recently been to Brands a couple of times with my son. Pie & cake too
Good to know you're still around. Having nothing intelligent to say doesn't seem to stop the others.  :bag

I've stopped biking for now... Lack of funds and interest in riding... That's at the ripe old age of 56...57 next month.    I must admit that I've never hurt myself, can't think I've ever broken a bone ever ((well, collar bone at 6 months old , so my mum told me) and thought I'd quit whilst ahead... now I'll Probably drown instead.

Bet I get something though. Honda cub maybe

Where’s Gaz...? If he’s anywhere West of Essex I could be in for a soaking
Your Bike, Your Style / Re: Roll Call
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 22:35 »
The TT iwas wet craic !

I have no internet concept other than forums as the internet for me is otherwise information storage or retrieval, research or discovery. Forums (this one) is my single internet use of anything “social”. I am on no other forums and have no presence on anything else other than a registered member of a newspaper. This place is like Coxy says somewhere to sometimes trawl back through and also where numerous things can be said and left alone and then picked up again at a later date - like a bike project.

I’m not interested in communicating simply because I feel compelled to do so and cannot fathom what FB, Twatter, Instagranny, etc are. Forums have always felt “local” in a strange way. Something familiar and timeless, which for the internet is a weird concept

Good to see you both about Incle & Pete  :thumb
It'll definitely rain. Zippy's in Wales tomorrow.
If he wins in 2020 it will be worrying and if a Democrat wins it may be worrying how they have campaigned to swing his base...

Greedy fat racist aside

Looking forward to a nice blast up into Wales and the Worcestershire border tomorrow and an earlyish run back on Sunday. Need to lube and adjust the chain first thing. It’s all clean but I don’t care if it rains as it’ll give me an excuse to clean and fiddle again when I get back
Political Comment / Re: News of the Word
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 20:49 »
Determined to force the top of his head from his face, Sajid Javid the token ethnic Home Secretary given Whitey’s job to dampen attention on Islamaphobia (virulent and wholly acceptable British behaviour) and the Windrush debacle has today praised the racist Hypocritical Bastard for being less racist than others who are much more racist. Javid is doing an obedient ethnic job for his white masters after not being invited to the establishment serenade of the planets leading racist, Trump. With as much backbone as any jellyfish Javid simultaneously abuses any immigrant to the UK and dog whistles quieter racists and xenophobes to the Tory fold as they know Johnson will make him minister for corner shops as a reward for his hard work. Well done Sajid, now go back to where you came from. Eh? Eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink
Your Bike, Your Style / Re: Roll Call
« Last Post by Rob the Nog on Yesterday at 15:53 »
Not sure about getting some crack, had to try and avoid enough of that with the TT guys.
Your Bike, Your Style / Re: Roll Call
« Last Post by CoxyLaad on Yesterday at 15:22 »
maybes we should rename the forum, to something like the bikers cafe or something.

A place to come and have a bit crack with like minded imbeciles, discuss recent events and just keep in touch.

Your Bike, Your Style / Re: Roll Call
« Last Post by ChrisG on Yesterday at 14:41 »
Red Wasp bought a caravan and runs weekend chem-sex parties via GRindr (best not invite him back)?

I think he's also bikeless having sold the Beemer back to Mick(Sidestand)

Hi all,
I'm still lurking in the background, but now I no longer commute, don't own or ride a bike, do I really qualify to make any intelligent contribution to the forum.........   :dunno

If anyone ever makes an intelligent contribution we might be able to compare and see how you did  :dunno

I've probably averaged less than a 1000 miles year on the bike over the last few years, and a big chunk of that was a long weekend on the IoM a couple of years back.  Then again I've only put about 600 miles on the car in the last year too.
We're moving properly to The Hague in the next few months, so won't be spending my weekends flying back and forth so might actually get to use them a bit.  roads round here are a bit dull but I'm only a couple of hours from the German border so easy for a weekend away.  Then again we're tempted to get a camper van...
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