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Readie, you should find the Rukka gloves OK
On our recent tour, we rode all day in biblical rain down through Portugal - I was on my 3rd pair of gloves by the end of the day
My Knox leather gloves only lasting an hour before they were wringing, the my BMW goretex 'waterproof' gloves lasting a couple more, before giving up totally 7 putting thin summer gloves on together with the heated grips. My BMW textile jacket & trousers were OK though
Hartside's gear was similar - apart from his waterproofs filled his boots & everything else
But Doddy's Rukka gear was totally waterproof - including his leather Rukka gloves - I was well impressed & will be looking for some as soon as my finances have recovered from 3 weeks around Spain & Portugal on the bikes
Your Bike, Your Style / Re: basements
« Last Post by Sidestand on Yesterday at 22:23 »
Can't you buy & old shipping container & do a deal with the farmer for storage - as I recall, your road is out in the sticks surrounded by fields - so you could land it accrues the road couldn't you ?
funny you should say that.

my ktm is definitely getting sold, however my dad has a very clean low miles (1100miles)  2010 husqvarna TE250 that he wants to sell.

I said i might be interested in it.

I get some cash back and he gets to move his bike on without having unwanted people snooping round his house.

Blog it! / Re: The New Muscle Bike build off
« Last Post by CoxyLaad on Yesterday at 22:05 »
current status:

something you dont see every day:

2 man job to get to this point. there was no way I could get that out on my own.

Next job is to make a start on constructing the jig for the new frame.
That’s pretty much what I am thinking... I was in the jam jar this afternoon driving Miss Daisy to her ladies luncheon and found myself hatching the great lie that I may be renting an off road bike from my mates dad because it’s unused and MX’ers have an hour meter on them so I’ll only pay for what I use.... chortle..
Political Comment / Re: News of the Word
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 20:31 »
Innocent as Trump paedo c :censored t with diplomatic immunity - the Special Relationship might swap Paedo Prince Andrew for killer Sacoolas...
Political Comment / Re: Election 2019
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 20:21 »
You copied and pasted that from Waspy’s Arsebook page ET, and he took it directly from Michael (look at my naked body and luscious hair) Fabricunt’s page.
As stated, many of these claims are exaggerated and some are blatant lies.
Thought better of you as someone who looks into the detail... if you’re too busy to check, maybe don’t share.

I see them and flick past them to other posts
Political Comment / Re: He's coming...
« Last Post by Readmarx on Yesterday at 20:17 »
That’a the true news the fake Fox news can’t report and the mainstream can only politely report. The fake fat f  :censored ck will have his days in court when he’s kicked out of office and his immunity ends
Political Comment / Re: Election 2019
« Last Post by E.T. on Yesterday at 10:17 »
No smoke without fire (and that is my day job).
Are you sure about that?
Political Comment / Re: Election 2019
« Last Post by E.T. on Yesterday at 10:16 »
Irony man. I deliberately haven't posted it as fact and specifically stated that I had fact checked it, that's just a demonstration of what's being stated...and THAT is true.

Off Faeces Book, but not Waspy - I wasn't aware he had it on his page.

All it says is that there are a lot of questions being raised about ALL these people. I don't trust Boris, I don't trust Corbyn... I don't trust...any of them.
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