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Up at 6am for a 2 lap wet ride around Dorsetshire. First time riding the Strumpet in the wet and was finding more confidence on lap 2 ("natch"). Got back and washed the road crap off of the bike (the old Strumpet never got that...).

The Pragmasis chain, ground anchor and Squire padlock have arrived - proper quality kit. Will be fitting it all and sorting the rear gate access next weekend.

This weekend it is Aragon GP + UK rain = ale drinking

Grindr for him me thinks.

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Political Comment / Re: He's coming...
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:32 - 19 September, 2018 »
Gaw’d bless ya Stormy!

It’s smaller than average but not freakishly small

It’s got this giant mushroom head

When I seen him on TV I think I had sex with that - eech

Hahahahahahaha - the world is laughing at you Donald
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads MT-RX
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:21 - 19 September, 2018 »
I bet there’s a wealth of engine tuning possibilities given it’s lineage with RC30 & RVF. I’d imagine Japanese race kits for barrels, pistons, rods, heads and cams must be floating around out there if you wanted more shunt. Healthy 800’s gave around 100hp? Did Benelli put the rads at the back with their TRE - you found follow that to keep a V4’s engine visually clean to help it work with a lattice frame. Perhaps a smaller oil cooler somewhere.

A mate of mine club races a 2014 Blade. He’s a season from moving out of novices. He’s quick enough though recently broke both arms crashing at Donington. Most painfull though has been the Ohlins shock and forks and the Brembo monoblocs....
Blog it! / Re: Commuting - A blow by blow account
« Last Post by Readmarx on 22:01 - 19 September, 2018 »
It’s just a bad dream, everything is just fine
Yeah, it should be ok, I need to visit a single mum in the area and stay overnight so should be able to fit a couple of hours run out in :)
Blog it! / Re: Commuting - A blow by blow account
« Last Post by BashplateAlAssad on 20:34 - 17 September, 2018 »
Cheers chaps, the visit has been delayed a bit but should come up soon, I might wait for snow as it seems to scare Russian SMERSH agents off.

WTF is Mrs May doing on my telly with Nick Tory Robber... And David Davis... Am I in hell?
Blog it! / Re: Coxylaads MT-RX
« Last Post by CoxyLaad on 10:41 - 17 September, 2018 »
I have thought about racing, and I know it will make me a lot faster, but I am just not sure I want to take the risks with 2 kids to look after.
I know that sounds a little OTT but I enjoy my track days and feel I manage the risks reasonably well.

The other thing is I may get a taste for it, in which case I will have ruined my tack days and potentially set away down a route to bankruptcy  :D

The VFR 800 appeals to me for so many reasons. Its the choice of engine layout for the best performing bikes, compact as a parallel twin but with the smoothness and character that the V4 brings. Add to that the engine package with the swingarm bolting drirectly to the back of the engine means it should be easy enough for me to build away from that.  I would like to do some pretty crazy stuff like completely relocating the fuel tank to the back of the bike under the rider, and have a big trellis frame running up the sides a la ariel ace.  I would have to decide whether I want this to be a road or track bike, or  both. Or it could be a replcaement for my TDM900 in an adventure style.

The honda engines are pretty much unbustable so would be a good choice, the 800fi being the best for me - fuel injected and no vtec to bother with. I thought about the Aprilia V4 but they are not so reliable, cost a fortune and I can get a full vfr800 for 500 quid, sell the bits off and recoupe a lot of that cash!
  I reckon it would be great. 

Blog it! / Re: David_H & Life behind bars.
« Last Post by Vu Ja Dave on 00:40 - 17 September, 2018 »
Hanging on to it fer now, it's my only reliable transport.
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